Omega-3 Micro Delivery Balls

for Fortification via Food


Nuversys is a start-up company focused on developing Omega-3 micro-capsules as ingredients in food. Nuversys was founded by Ram Snir and Emma Kvitnitsky, two knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneurs.

Nuversys‘s products are based on an innovative proprietary Micro Delivery Balls (MDB) technology and they overcome the limitations of state-of-the-art use of Omega-3 as ingredient in food – bad smell, oxidation of Omega-3, deterioration of biological activity and as a result poor customer acceptance and short shelf life.

Nyversys has demonstrated proof of concept and is currently optimizing the product for stability and efficacy. The Omega-3 MDBs will then be used as raw materials in energy bars and other foods.


Nuverys‘s Micro Delivery Balls are double wall micro-capsules made of fats and food grade polymers that protect Omega-3 and other biologically active ingredients from oxidation and activity deterioration. MDBs enable safe delivery and targeted release of the ingredients in the human digestion system.

The process of creating MDBs, based on the proprietary  “Removing  Solvent” (RS) technology, is generic and applicable to numerous active compounds. Nuversys currently focuses on Omega-3 MDBs for its widely known efficacy and huge market potential.

Microscopic view of MDBs –  spherical and uniform

Micro Delivery Balls

stable, effective, and preserving food taste


Odor, Taste and Color

Compatible with foods


No oxidation and other destructive effects


Preserved during processing, shelf life, and consumption

Food quality

No deterioration of quality and consumer appeal


No risk of toxicity


The first application of Omega-3 MDBs is in energy bars, widely used as “healthy food”.

Nuversys cooperates with Barbary, a well known Israeli producer of energy bars, to develop energy bars with Omega-3 MDBs as ingredient. Nuversys  is looking for cooperation with European partners to develop other energy bars.

Nuversys plans to develop a second application of Omega-3 in food, eventually a diary product.



Ram Snir, Ph.D.

CEO, co-founder

Former Frutarom’s global VP for Patural Products Ram brings to Nuversys a successful international career in food supplements and active nutritional ingredients in food.
He served as VP of development at CBC (Coca Cola, IL), retail business.
Ram holds a Ph.D. in food technology and nutrition.


Emma Kvitnitsky

CTO, co-founder

Emma is a serial entrepreneur, with extensive experience in food and cosmetics ingredient development from concept to commercialization that lead to more than 80 ingredients in products consumed in 30 countries. A chemist by education Emma brings to Nuversys wide-range relevant know-how based on her experience. She is Inventor and co-inventor in numerous patents, including the RS technology, which is the basis of MDB.

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